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Alone Together With You
Alone Together With You 03 21 20The Great Get Gone
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This old world’s in turmoil

So much gone askew

It feels like I am feeling 

Every feeling I ever knew


We’re hunkered down at home

Trying to get through

Waiting til the storm blows over

Leaves us stripped down and brand new


Chorus       Baby I’m so happy to be curled up here with you

A little yin-yang circle of everything that’s true

I just want to be alone together with you

Yeah, I’m so glad to be alone together with you


I’m glad to know our children

Are holding close to home

Gotta have some patience

Let this tiny monster roam


I’m hoping all our friends

Stay healthy, safe and sane

And that we’ll see each other

After a cleansing rain




Bridge       There is no telling who or when or how

Folks say we had this coming anyhow

The truth about a thing is always in the wind

Best we can do is love each other…

... love each other until the end


Humanity’s a mess

We’re designing our own Fall

But the human spirit

Can rise above it all



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